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    " Alibaba is responsible for platform and online services are responsible for the line Xinhua investment and logistics , warehousing and other follow-up support services , intended to do wholesale business in the West Coast region moved to the Internet, together to create " the West Coast version of the small Ali Baba" ." In fact, self-built mall just for Redstar reduce intermediate links, reduce transaction costs , with the escalation of their home MALL products , but also to meet their self-built mall specialty stores for home design needs .Of course , this is a long process , we must maintain the brands noble character ." According Jahwa 2010 report shows that in less than one year s time, loss of Two Girls single stores nearby 2 million yuan . Discount In recent years, Chinese enterprises to invest overseas and set off a boom, and Wang Jianlin is one of the beach-goers."JOURNEYOFSTYLE fashion about" the New York chapter of the micro- documentaries will also publish the official Weibo account , London and Paris papers papers also currently being crafted and will soon release.

    In addition, Wang Jianlin , the second largest asset is a 100% interest held by Wanda Stores Limited .0%; B2C online shopping market clothing size of 30.According to previously disclosed strategy of Tencent electricity supplier will make fast and easy open end to the merchant warehouse logistics network share ( electricity provider Tencent open platform business ) on QQ.

    in Guangzhou ," issuing unit Trade and Industry Bureau of Nanjing , valid from May 24 to June 30 ." According Jahwa 2010 report shows that in less than one year s time, loss of Two Girls single stores nearby 2 million yuan .Some brands have also begun to explore their own in this regard .And for time courier services, locating the main CRE is the " high-value cargo Express " will not be so sensitive to the owner of relative prices, CRE can win market , depending on their level of service .

    Although China is the worlds manufacturing powerhouse , but the domestic brand development is still in its infancy, few independent brands , low export profits , at a disadvantage in the international market , to create " Chinese brand" remains to be done .However , compared to electricity providers compete to play "Thanksgiving " brand , is introducing Thanksgiving promotions business entity or a minority . Cheap C2B formulation of some of these ideas in the end user is willing to buy a product or electricity supplier ZARA customized products ? C2B essentially industrialization, information technology and the Internet , " three of integration" , and now the majority of the electricity supplier to personalize ERP are not , that even the " integration of the two " do not do it, "three of integration" is even more untouchable .Most show up in the circle of friends is the owner of goods described as " the original single " or " factory goods ", with the more popular words that is more high-end imitation , fine workmanship fakes.This rumor , the family aspect , said yesterday that 200 figure is not true, but this is indeed closed and adjusted at least dozens of stores, but the family currently has 1,000 stores and more than 200 annual rate of expansion to 300 new stores , net the number is not low .In Cantonese , "Sir" may represent a general term for a male .


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